CHAPTER-I Introduction
CHAPTER-II Particulars of Organization, Functions & Duties
CHAPTER-III Powers and Duties of officers & employees
CHAPTER-IV Rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records held/ used for discharging functions
CHAPTER-V Arrangements for consultation with/representation by the members of public
CHAPTER-VI Statement of categories of documents held/under control
CHAPTER-VII Statement of boards, councils, committees of two or more persons constituted for the purpose of advice
CHAPTER-VIII Names, Designations and other particulars of Public Information Officers
CHAPTER-IX Decision making process and channels of supervision& accountability
CHAPTER-X Directory of officers and employees
CHAPTER-XI Monthly remuneration of officers/employees
CHAPTER-XII Budget, plans and expenditure
CHAPTER-XIII Manner of execution of subsidy programmes, amounts allocated and details of beneficiaries of such programmes
CHAPTER-XIV Particulars of concessions, permits or authorizations granted
CHAPTER-XV Norms set for discharging functions
CHAPTER-XVI Information available in electronic form
CHAPTER-XVII Particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining Information
CHAPTER-XVIII Procedure/fee for obtaining information and FAQs on RTI
ANNEXURE-I Organisational Chart (Head Quarters)
ANNEXURE-II Organisational Chart (Regional Office)
ANNEXURE-III Application Form for seeking information